Acceptable Use and Permissions Policy - Pupils and Parents
Acceptable Use and Permissions Policy - Staff and Governors
Anti-bullying Policy
Appraisal Procedure for Teachers
Attendance (incl Absence & Punctuality)
Behaviour & Discipline Policy
Care, Control & Physical Intervention
Charging & Remissions Policy
Collective Worship Assembly Policy
Complaints Procedure
Curriculum Policy
Equality Act 2010 Compliance
Early Years Policy
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Health & Safety Policy Part 1 - Statement & Organisation
Health & Safety Policy Part 2 - Arrangements
Home-School Contract
Home/School Internet Agreement
Inclusion Policy for Children Looked After
Internet Policy
Internet Safety Brochure
Overarching Safeguarding Statement
Parental Use of Social Networking & Internet Sites
Pupil Privacy Notice
Safeguarding Policy
School Workforce Privacy Notice
SEN Code of Conduct
Sex & Relationships Education Policy
Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Policy

If anyone wishes to request a paper copy based on any of the information on
the school's website, please contact the school office.